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Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
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  12:02:00 am, by Pastor Plagenz   , 24 words  
Categories: Media

Church Service- July 12, 2020

We live in the freedom of forgiveness. So what keeps us from sinning. It is the power of forgiveness that is ours through Baptism.


  09:21:00 pm, by Pastor Plagenz   , 25 words  
Categories: Media

Church Service- July 5, 2020

It only took one sin to make us all sinful. The death of one man, Jesus, gives us forgiveness and the promise of eternal life!


  08:20:00 pm, by Pastor Plagenz   , 17 words  
Categories: Media

June 28, 2020

When we are filled with doubts, we can be confident in our Savior's love and our salvation.


  09:35:00 pm, by Pastor Plagenz   , 26 words  
Categories: Media

Church Service- June 21, 2020

Sometimes it seems like what God's promises won't happen. But we can always put our trust in Him because He is a powerful and faithful God.


  11:11:00 pm, by Pastor Plagenz   , 23 words  
Categories: Media

Church Service- June 14, 2020

On what do we build our faith? How can we be right with God? There's only one way. Find out what it is.

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