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God Will Work It Out


  12:41:00 am, by Pastor Plagenz   , 331 words  
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God Will Work It Out

God Will Work It Out

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

Written by Micah Hinds, WLA Class of 2019

Often times it is hard for us to see God's love.  We struggle daily with problems, changes, challenges, and temptations that God allows in our lives.  We tend to focus on the negatives.  We pick out every thing that goes wrong in our lives.  It is hard for us to see things as good.  God doesn't say all things in our lives will be good, but rather that He can and will work everything out for good.  I think we all agree that cancer isn't good, getting in a bad accident isn't good, war isn't good.  That is why as Christians we put our trust in God and His promise that He can and will work all things out for us in the way He sees best.

I picked this passage because it has helped me throughout my life and throughout the lives of many others.  We struggle with little things every day, get frustrated and wonder why we have to put up with them.  Even as Christians we sometimes struggle so much that we doubt God's existence, feel God hates us, or we hate Him.

This is when we need a reminder from a passage like this.  We all face challenges, and this passage serves as a constant, encouraging reminder that we're never alone and never have to go through anything alone.  This passage brings us the comfort of knowing that God really is there, He has a plan, and He is going to work things out in whatever way He know is best.

Dear Lord, sometimes we don't understand the trials You place in our lives.  Help us to remember Your promise to always be there for us and work things out for us, in whatever way You see best.  Amen.

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