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Lord, Keep Me on the Path


  03:09:00 pm, by Pastor Plagenz   , 286 words  
Categories: Devotions

Lord, Keep Me on the Path

Written by Grant Manke, WLA class of 2018

The New Year and the month of January are here, bringing cold temperatures, ice, and snow.  Although winter is a jolly time of year, we still have to travel and deal with questionable, icy, snow-covered Wisconsin roads.  Being tough Wisconsinites, we may think that we have winter roads figured out and feel under control.  There's always that one low shoulder full of slush or that sheet of black ice that can send us spinning completely out of control.

Living in this world is like driving in a blizzard on an icy, snow-covered road.  We can only see what's right in front of us.  Just when we feeel under control, our lives can be sent spinning out of control.  We try to correct the situation on our own, but trusting ourselves we most often over-steer and end up in the ditch.  Our God makes His Word so easy to access.  It is the one thing that will keep us on the straight and narrow.  Yet our Bibles are sitting on our shelves covered in dust.  We look to ourselves for guidance and neglect what has been put right in front of us.

Thankfully, God doesn't leave us to die in the ditch.  He brings us back to His Word and graciously shines the light on our Savior who rescues us.  He lifts us out of the ditch of our sinful pride and sets us back on the path to heaven with His free forgiveness.  And the sweetness of it all is God's  promise of the warm, cozy mansion awaiting us after we have finished this long, cold, uncertain drive.  This is a drive we certainly couldn't make without our Lord.

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