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Category: "Updates"


  10:49:00 pm, by Pastor Plagenz   , 470 words  
Categories: Updates

April 21, 2024

OUR SERVICE THIS WEEK Today                   11:00 am – Youth Group Highway Clean-Up Tuesday                 9:30 am – Bible Class in Manchester Wednesday            3:45 pm – 8th Grade Class in Manchester (optional)… more »


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Categories: Updates

Watching the Church Services

You may have noticed that when you click on the service that you want to watch (on the "Sermons and Videos" page), the service will play on YouTube.  Hopefully the service will play better for you this way.  It also enables us to keep more videos on our… more »


  03:39:00 am, by Pastor Plagenz   , 139 words  
Categories: Updates

How to watch the sermon video?

Hey everyone, I have had many questions about how to watch the sermon videos and questions on why does the video pause several times while watching. The reason is your computer is playing the video faster than your computer can load it. So, to watch the… more »


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